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Frequently Asked Questions

11. How do I become a JoJo & Co. member?
Simply visit our website and complete the online registration form, upload current vaccination records and a photo of your pooch, and you’ll be well on your way. Or you can visit us in person and we’ll be happy to sign you and your pup up!
22. What are the benefits of becoming a JoJo & Co member?
By becoming a member of JoJo & Co., you will receive access to many benefits, such as discounts across merchandise and services, priority grooming, daycare and boarding bookings, complimentary pick up and drop off and complimentary merchandise/food delivery (both within 10 block radius), and many other perks.
33. How early can I drop off and how late can I pick up my dog?
You can drop off your furry-BFF as early as 7am and pick up as late as 7pm, Monday through Friday. If you are running late for pick up, please give us a call or send us text and let us know when we can expect you. If you’re more than 15 minutes late, there will be a $25 late fee charged to your account. If you’re more than 30 minutes late, the overnight care fee will be added to your account. We always do our best to work with our pet parents and their demanding schedules (we can personally relate given our corporate backgrounds). On weekends, our hours of operation are: Saturday, 10-6pm; and we’re closed on Sundays. However, we do offer grooming services on Sundays.
44. Can I subscribe to services at JoJo a la carte?
Yes, you certainly can subscribe to services at JoJo at la carte. But, given all the benefits associated with membership, we would highly recommend becoming a JoJo & Co. member, so that you can receive discounts and other great perks.
55. What are the requirements for joining JoJo & Co.?

In order to utilize our services, every client must complete a client and pet profile online and read and sign our waiver. In addition, each dog must remain current with all vaccinations as required by the NYC Department of Health and wear an identification tag at all times. We also require that dogs undergo a temperament assessment, which will take place at our facility, prior to joining our daycare or overnight care program. The assessment takes place over the course of 2 hours, onsite, and the purpose of this is to ensure that your dog is comfortable around other dogs and staff members. This is complementary and if you wish, your dog can stay with us for the day while you run errands, or you can just drop him or her off for a couple of hours so that we can ensure your dog is comfortable staying with us.

Given we offer a cage and leash free environment, we want to make sure we provide you and your dog with a great and positive experience, and with that, also want to ensure the safety of your dog, as well as our other dogs, and staff.

66. What are the required vaccinations?
Vaccines required by NYC Department of Health include, Rabies, Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus and Bordetella. (NYC Health Code Regulations, Articles 161 and 11; for additional information visit
77. What happens if my dog becomes injured or sick while in day care or overnight care?
While we make every effort to ensure that each dog in our care is as safe as possible, injuries can occur and dogs can also fall ill – much like they can at home. If your dog is injured while in our care for any reason, or falls ill, we will call our veterinarian partner and depending on the situation, either have them come to our facility or take your dog to them. If the medical situation warrants after hour care, we will take your dog to the Animal Medical Center or other emergency facility. Your dog will always come first and we will take all steps necessary to ensure they receive the best medical attention available, should the need ever arise. Simultaneously, you will be notified if ever there ever is a concern or a need to obtain medical attention for your little one.
88. What does overnight care look like? What services will my dog receive?
Our dog slumbers are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure constant supervision of your dog. All of our care is overseen by our professionally trained dog staff. We are able to accommodate a variety of length of stays from one night to several weeks (or longer) at a time. We can handle special feeding requirements and will be happy to administer oral or topical medications, if needed. We can also happily accommodate dogs of all ages from puppies to senior citizens as long as the dogs are friendly, are fully vaccinated and in good health. We provide each of our dogs with plush, orthopedic bedding, pillows, blankets and a bedtime treat. We play soothing music for our friends at bedtime to help them unwind and relax before going to bed. And if any of our guests like watching TV, we can have them watch their favorite television show on an iPad. If any of our friends need a potty break during overnight care, we provide wee-wee pads for their comfort. We try to emulate their home environment as much as possible– and with that, create a cozy, warm and comfortable setting for our canine friends to feel right at home.
99. Does my dog get a walk during Day Care or Overnight Care?
We offer 2 complimentary relief walks for daycare guests and 3 complimentary relief walks for overnight guests. Relief walks are generally 10-15 minutes long. We do also provide longer walks and exercise programs for an additional fee (walks of half-hour to an hour as well as tailored exercise programs for your pup). Please see us to learn more.
1010. Do you give water breaks to the dogs?
We provide fresh, filtered water for all dogs at all times. We have multiple water bowls, which are sanitized throughout the day to ensure our friends are drinking from clean water bowls. Water is available all day and night (for our overnight guests) so that dogs can drink water as needed. If a dog is bowl aggressive or just doesn’t like sharing his or her bowl with friends, we will ensure that we provide water to the dog separately while providing a safe environment for him or her and for the rest of the pack.
1111. What are the benefits of socializing my dog?
Socialization is important for your dog's overall physical and emotional well-being. It provides them with confidence by exposing them to fun, play and interaction with other dogs and humans, which will allow them to cope with new experiences in a positive way while reducing their anxiety and stress. They will learn to play and socialize while under the constant supervision of highly trained and committed pet handlers.
1212. How does JoJo & Co. manage different sized dogs and breeds?
We love and accept all non-aggressive dogs that are spayed or neutered and are up to date on their vaccines and in overall good health. We will separate dogs based on temperament and if need be size. We believe large and small dogs can get along and be together, provided their personalities are conducive. We’ve seen small dogs get along beautifully with super-sized dog friends; with that in mind, size matters less as opposed to overall personality and demeanor of the dog. We always keep a watchful eye as they engage and play throughout the day to ensure everyone is having fun and doing so in a safe manner.
1313. How often should my dog be groomed?
We recommend having your dog fully groomed every 4 weeks to prevent matting and hygienic issues and to maintain healthy coat. Often times when dogs go a long time without grooming (over 5-6 weeks) they develop skin redness and irritation, matts, and may become uncomfortable. Much like their humans who shower daily, get regular haircuts, manicures, etc. – our canine friends need a regularly scheduled grooming as well so they can feel and look their best. Our grooming sessions include a brush out, shampoo and conditioner, blowout, haircut, nail trim, ear cleaning, massage and sanitary trim. We recommend baths every 2 weeks, if possible.
1414. What safety measures do you take to ensure staff and walkers are compliant?
Our pet handlers, walkers and entire staff undergo rigorous pre-employment background checks and drug testing. In addition to this, we conduct random and rolling criminal background checks as well as drug and alcoholic screening. This ensures the safety of our pets and clients at all times.
1515. How do I get webcam access?
All of our clients get webcam access. Login information is provided upon signing up.
1616. Does JoJo & Co. provide vet services?
We partner with top veterinarians in our area and have access to their services, whether at onsite or at their offices. If you prefer we consult your veterinarian for any health issues related to your pet, let us know and we will be happy to accommodate.
1717. Does JoJo & Co. provide training services?
Yes. Our professional trainers are experienced and focused on providing the stimulation and structure necessary to make your dog a good companion. We cover a range of private lessons and group classes from puppy kindergarten to advanced training seasons. Please see us for more details.

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