Day Club

Stay & Play at the Club

W hen you come to the Club, you enter a happy space fit for playful and friendly dogs. It’s the perfect space for you to socialize, play, make new friends, and just be YOU!

  • You will be treated to hugs, snuggles, belly-rubs, naptime, walks, fresh water, meals, treats and so much more
  • You’ll be greeted with smiles, happy barks and wagging tails
  • You’ll get to socialize with your 2 and 4-legged friends
  • You’ll enhance your positive experiences which will allow you to continue to develop life-long skills

Play & Stay

You can stay and play all day, or you can come by and play for a bit.

  • Have fun and interact with other dogs (and humans), in a safe, clean, inviting, and supervised space
  • Take a nap on a plush, orthopedic bed and warm blanket
  • Soothing music plays throughout to help you relax and unwind from a long day!

Safe & Clean

We promise to take excellent care of you! You are our priority and we will do everything to make sure your stay with us is safe, comfortable and fun.

We will provide you with the comforts of home and keep you safe

  • Fresh and filtered water
  • Clean and ultra-sanitized space
  • Supervision and engagement
  • Highly trained and vetted staff
  • Hands-on management team

Personalized Care

You will always be able to roam freely just like you would at home, as we don’t believe in cages or kennels at the Club. You’ll have own dedicated spot to put away your things. For meal time, bring your food and we will store it for you. Anything you need, just let us know. We’ve thought just about everything to make sure your stay with us, whether short or long, is memorable.

If we believe you’re not feeling well, or if you get hurt on the playground, we will call your parents ASAP. If the need arises, we will immediately call one of our partner veterinarians. We promise we will treat you like family and take excellent care of you.

Join us at the Club and let the fun begin!